September 09, 2019

Diamond Pods: Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Join Adam, Des, and Lee in a discussion of one of Adam's touchstone Bowie albums- 1980's Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

September 08, 2019

The Non-Make up Era

It's time to wash that makeup off and leap into the year 1983 with Des, Lee and Adam as they take a look at KISS' first album out of makeup- Lick It Up. Adam,Des & Lee Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Animalize with a Roundtable and Commentary on the classic Home Video "Live Uncensored"! Break out the sparkles and the sequins, everyone! Lee, Adam and Des throw on the most ridiculous clothes they can possibly find and celebrate 30 years in the Asylum by discussing one of KISS' more divisive albums. It's a Crazy Night indeed as Adam, Des and Lee welcome rocker, wrestler, author, podcaster and fellow KISS fanatic Chris Jericho into the Kisstory Science Theatre fold! The boys drink until the sun comes up and almost get kicked out of a hotel, all while discussing KISS' 1987 stab at the big time: Crazy Nights. The KST boys delve into their teenage years with an album that is near and dear to Des and Adam's hearts, but is a little more distant from Lee's. Des,Adam and Lee discuss Kiss' 1992 effort 'Revenge' on the eve of it's 20th anniversary. Join Des and Adam as they ruminate on a quarter century of one of KISS' greatest albums- Revenge. One of the drunkest episodes in quite a while. Join KST as they take a look in the mirror and confess their feelings about Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions. Find out who hates it, who will always be there for it, and who wishes it would just go away as the boys have one of their most heated discussions yet. No punches are pulled, but a couple are almost thrown.

September 07, 2019

The Creatures Era

Draw the battle lines,friends,it's time. KST sit down to discuss a strong contender for greatest KISS album of all time- Creatures of the Night. Join Adam and Des on another trip back in time as they discuss the year that brought us KISS' rock bottom but also one of their greatest albums: 1982.

September 06, 2019

The Elder Era

MUSIC FROM THE ELDER Whether you love it or hate it, Music From The Elder is a notorious album amongst Kiss fans. Some praise it for it's creative ambitiousness and others pan it for straying so far from what made the band popular to begin with. Kisstory Science Theatre now talks about their feelings on the album and what it means to them. 1981 Des and Adam have a few drinks at their favourite lunch spot and discuss the strange and transitional year of 1981. THE ODYESSY Join Des and Adam on a (p)odyssey as they take a hike out into the woods to talk about the Kiss Imposter's magnum opus: The Elder Movie! This is one for the fans, people- see the Young & Wasted series for more.

KST Dynasty and Unmasked

Dynasty part 1: The Album Dynasty part 2: The Tour Unmasked

September 03, 2019

KST Compilation Albums

KST DOUBLE PLATINUM Des, Adam and Lee discuss KISS' 1978 compliation album: Double Platinum! Consider this our gift to you, wrapped in shiny mylar packaging. KST KILLERS Down on your knees! The KST gang take a look at the KISS album that ignored North America- KISS Killers! KST SMASHES,THRASHES AND HITS The KST boys turn (and sometimes roll) their eyes towards 1988's compilation album Smashes, Thrashes & Hits. KST CHIKARA Heat up your sake and crack open your Sapporo- Des and Adam are taking a look towards the land of the rising sun to talk about the rarest of all KISS albums- CHIKARA! O ROCK DE KST Ola malta! Join Adam and Des as they venture down south to sunny Brazil (in their imaginations) to discuss the single strangest compilation album in all of KISStory- O Rock De KISS. Lo Mejor De KST Join Adam and Des on a trip around the world as they look at a few late 70's international KISS compilations. First stop is Argentina for Lo Mejor De Kiss, and then we go all the way to Korea for a pair of releases of questionable origin; Kiss Greatest Hits and The Best of Kiss. KST KISSWORLD Join Des and Adam as they sit by the fire, crack a few and take a look at KISS' most recent compilation album: KISSworld.