July 03, 2015

KST's Super Summer Special 2

Join Lee, Des and Adam as they light a fire, crack a few cold ones and kick it in the backyard to celebrate the return of the Summer season. In this very special episode the boys talk about the state of the show, share a few choice cuts, and open up the mailbag to talk to the KST army.

June 09, 2015

KST Saturday Night's Minisode: Muchmusic

Join Adam and Des as they take a look at KISS through the eyes of the Nation's Music Station and share some Muchmusic memories.

May 11, 2015

KST Asylum 30th anniversary Special

Break out the sparkles and the sequins, everyone! Lee, Adam and Des throw on the most ridiculous clothes they can possibly find and celebrate 30 years in the Asylum by discussing one of KISS' more divisive albums.

April 30, 2015

KST: The Odyssey

Join Des and Adam on a (p)odyssey as they take a hike out into the woods to talk about the Kiss Impostor's magnum opus: The Elder Movie! This is one for the fans, people- see the Young & Wasted series for more.

The Oath from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.

April 25, 2015

KST presents The Diabolical Disc Demon commentary

KST presents The Diabolical Disc Demon commentary from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.

Break out the underoos and sugary breakfast cereal!! KISS has officially appeared on Scooby Doo in recent years and has a new feature coming up. But an earlier unofficial incarnation appeared back in 1978. Kisstory Science Theatre talks about this episode with super fan Alex and gives some insight into the Diabolical DIsc Demon.

April 17, 2015

KST: Detroit Rock City Commentary

The KST boys once again welcome Alex Van Cleef as they watch and comment on KISS' 1999 movie Detroit Rock City. This is the podcast version, just pop in your copy of the movie and watch along with us.

DRC Commentary by KST from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.