December 22, 2017

The Bruise Brothers: A Very Die Hard X-mas Commentary

Join Des, Adam and Lee as they celebrate the holiday season with a feature length commentary track for Die Hard. Grab your copy, a few beverages of your choice, and watch this holiday classic with the boys.

December 01, 2017

KST: 1984

Join Des, Adam and Big Brother as they take a look through one of KISS' most tumultuous years- 1984.

November 02, 2017

Diamond Pods: One Shot

Come along with Des and Adam on a twisty and turny trek through multiple points in Bowie history.

October 31, 2017

The KST Halloween Special!

Join Adam and Des on a weird and windy late October night to discuss KISS' long connection with Halloween. Listen at your own risk!

October 20, 2017

KST: 1981

Des and Adam have a few drinks at their favourite lunch spot and discuss the strange and transitional year of 1981.

October 17, 2017

The Bruise Brothers: Godzilla

Join Adam and Des as they rampage through downtown Tokyo while discussing the King of the Monsters and his wide variety of friends and foes.

September 19, 2017

September 05, 2017

The Bruise Brothers: Muppet Memories

Join Des, Adam, and their KST co-host Lee Conrad as they take a look back at the felt friends that shaped so much of our childhoods- The Muppets.

August 21, 2017

The Bruise Brothers Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special

Join Des and Adam for a bite and a beer (or five) as they discuss their experiences as children of the Star Wars era and how it has echoed down through the years.

August 09, 2017


Join Des and Adam as they drunkenly fool around with an honest to goodness tape deck and check out some cassette bootlegs, imports and oddities.

August 02, 2017

Bruise Brothers: The Toychest

Join Des and Adam as they fondly look back at their favorite plastic pals while opening up about the insanity of being an adult collector.

July 13, 2017

Wanted: Dead or Alive KST Commentary

It's time to say F**k the bonus, grab your copy of Wanted: Dead or Alive, and join Adam, Lee and Des as they enjoy(?) this Rutgar Hauer/Gene Simmons/Robert Guillaume classic.

Kisstory Science Theatre Wanted: Dead or Alive KST Commentary from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.

July 04, 2017

KST The Last Super Summer Special

One last time, KST opens the mailbag to answer your KISS related questions and to celebrate the hottest band in the world in the hottest part of the year.

June 23, 2017

KST: The Evisceration Game 2- The Hellbound Heart of KST

Des, Lee and Adam somehow manage to get that darn box open again, which means the Cenobites are back to tear through the rest of Kiss' catalogue- Lick It Up through Monster.

June 12, 2017

The Bruise Brothers- A Wake For West

Adam and Des sit down for dinner and a few drinks to share their memories of the first man to make Batman matter. Please consider giving a few dollars to cancer research in Adam West's name.

June 02, 2017

KST: KISSworld!

Join Des and Adam as they sit by the fire, crack a few and take a look at KISS' most recent compilation album: KISSworld.

May 27, 2017

The Last Super Summer Special

The Last Super Summer Special is imminent,send your Questions,Comments or topics to and be heard on KST!

May 19, 2017

25 Years of Vengeance

Join Des and Adam as they ruminate on a quarter century of one of KISS' greatest albums- Revenge. One of the drunkest episodes in quite a while.

May 07, 2017

KST 1977

Adam and Des hit the patio to enjoy the early summer weather, and to talk about one of the seminal years in KISStory, and pop culture overall, 1977.

May 03, 2017

The Bruise Brothers: Horror

Join Des and Adam as they delve into the darkness with a discussion of all things horror- Their personal histories with horror, some classic horror series, and a lightning round of 70s and 80s favourites.

March 31, 2017

KST: The Evisceration Game

Des, Lee and Adam open up LaMarchand's Box and unleash the Cenobites, who decide, oddly, to gut KISS' classic 74-82 lineup of albums until there is only one survivor! Put another way, the boys play an elimination round to determine the ultimate KST classic era song.

March 21, 2017

The 8mm Nightmare

Des, Adam and Lee take a trip down memory lane and review some of the crazy videos from their past.

March 10, 2017

January 27, 2017

KST's Saturday Night's Minisode: The Paul Stanley Birthday Bash!

Des and Adam celebrate the 65th birthday of The Starchild by enjoying a few cold ones and talking Paul Stanley's solo tours.

January 20, 2017

KST 1997

Join Des and Adam as they dip their toes into the iceberg and giant cruise ship infested waters to discuss 1997 in KISStory, in their own lives and in entertainment in general.

January 19, 2017

The Bruise Brothers Batman Part 2

Join Des and Adam as they grab a bite to eat and continue their thoughts on the world's greatest detective.