September 20, 2012


Join Adam & Des of Kisstory Science Theatre as they hop in the WABAC machine and share a little of their personal Kisstories, including their earliest memories of the band and the genesis of their fandom.


Adam J Smith, 1981


  1. The first KISS song I ever heard was most likely Rock and Roll All Nite. The first time i saw something related to KISS was a scene in Happy Gilmore when Adam Sandler's grandmother wears a Gene Simmons mask when he first meets her.
    I was in elementary school when my brother told me about a movie called "Detroit Rock City" and about a year later I saw the movie late-nite on cable. That was the first footage of seeing KISS performing.
    The final nail in the KISS Kasket was the video game "Tony Hawk's Underground" where the secret level was a KISS concert, 3 songs from ALIVE IV were featured on the soundtrack, and all 4 members were unlockable. After that I started hunting down their music and trying to learn as much as I could.
    The first time I saw KISS without makeup was in High School, it was also my first exposure to 80s KISS.
    The first KISS album I ever owned was a CD copy of Smashes, Thrashes and Hits. The debut album was the first KISS vinyl record I ever bought, and the first KISS DVD i owned was KISSOLOGY Vol. II
    It was all uphill from there.

  2. I am sure my story regarding how I got into KISS is much different than most. It was 1974 and I was 13 years old and living in New Jersey. I walked into my sisters room shortly after she had returned from a day at the Jersey shore to see an usual album cover leaning up against her dresser. It had 4 faces in makeup and the word KISS on it and I thought it was the most bizarre (and coolest) thing I had ever seen. I asked her where it came from, and she said she won it at one of those booths on the Seaside Heights boardwalk where they spin the big roulette style wheel, and if it lands on the number that has your quarter, you win. She said the album cover looked interesting so she chose it when she won...thankfully she did. She had no interest in listening to it, so I grabbed it and threw it on the turntable not knowing what to expect. Of course at this point in 1974 NO ONE knew who KISS was. From the first notes of Strutter I was hooked and became a rapid fan. I first saw them at The Capitol Theater in Passaic, NJ on October 4th, first rock show. Talk about being blown away!!! An interesting fact about that show is that KISS actually did TWO shows that night. An early show to one crowd, and then a late show to an all new crowd. My sister took me to the late show (I was 14 at this point...) and I was never the same. I have been a fan ever since and became a drummer as a result of that night...I've been a Kiss fan ever since...

    1. went back and checked the does NOT contain Kissin' Time...Man, that WAS an early copy