May 31, 2013

SNM: There can be only one

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  1. Since I wasn't able to participate in the latest minsode "There Can Be Only One", I thought I could at least share my list with you as to what my choices are for each KISS album. Cheers!!

    - Lee of the KST

    Kiss - Deuce
    Hotter Than Hell - Let Me Go, Rock N' Roll
    Dressed To Kill - Love Her All I Can
    Alive! - Rock Bottom
    Destroyer - King Of The Night Time World
    Rock And Roll Over - Love'em and Leave'em
    Love Gun - Plaster Caster
    Alive II - (live) Ladies Room (Side 4) All American Man
    Gene Simmons - See You Tonite
    Paul Stanley - Love In Chains
    Ace Frehley - Fractured Mirror
    Peter Criss - Easy Thing
    Dynasty - 2,000 Man
    Unmasked - Naked City
    Music From The Elder - I
    Killers - Nowhere To Run
    Creatures Of The Night - War Machine
    Lick It Up - Lick It Up
    Animalize - Thrills In The Night
    Asylum - King Of The Mountain
    Crazy Nights - Thief In The Night
    Smashes Thrashes and Hits - (You Make Me ) Rock Hard
    Hot In The Shade - Silver Spoon
    Revenge - Take It Off
    Alive III - I Just Wanna
    Kiss My Ass - Black Diamond
    MTV Unplugged - Sure Know Something
    Carnival of Souls (The Final Sessions) - Master and Slave
    Pyscho Circus - Pyscho Circus
    You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best - Take Me
    Alive IV - Great Expectations
    Sonic Boom - Modern Day Delilah
    Monster - Take Me Down Below